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Wild Kingdom

"Nothing Is What It Seems..."

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Where to begin. Where to begin this journey of perception and magic and impossibilities...

Should we imagine ourselves standing somewhere to start this adventure? Should we place
ourselves on the cusp of a great discovery or on the point of no return?

Well how about: "We are standing on top of a grassy hill..." or "We have reached the edge of town..." or
"Before us begins the forest..." because in each case it is a beginning of a story, and this is a
community designed to be filled with such tales. Stories of fancy, stories of escape, stories with one
foot firmly immersed in a pail full of truth.

The stories can be of any length, on any subject, from a ten-page odyssey to a single succinct line.
There is no judgement here, there is no right or wrong, and there is no competition. Just come as you
are, and bring your tales with you.


inspiration beckons...

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