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Fire & Eyes - Wild Kingdom
"Nothing Is What It Seems..."
Fire & Eyes
"So who were these people who felt the need to silence me? I don't know. I only knew their faces and who they purported to be, but I doubt I shall ever know who they really were."

The young girl curled up on the floor at the old lady's feet. Together they sat for a moment, the mesmerizing flames from the open fire reflected in their eyes.

"In some ways I envy fire. It has such life, such freedom to express itself in whatever manner it desires. It burns so brightly and gives such warmth, but left uncontrolled it can run free and cause so much damage."

"But that's why it needs controlling, surely?" The girl asked.

"We harness it because we know of the damage it has the capability to cause, much like you'd cage a wild animal." The old lady sipped her tea. "But not everything causes damage, not every animal needs to be caged, and the ability to tell the difference is what's important."

The younger considered this for a moment, her eyes still transfixed on the flames licking the air. The elder felt a rekindling of the embers within. Silently, a solitary liquid flame broke free and rolled down her right cheek.

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